Clinic Location: 
USMD Denton North

Internal Medicine

Jeanne Bandelaria, PA-C


National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Undergraduate Degree: 

University of Texas at Dallas

Graduate Degree: 

Mississippi College

Growing up with chronic asthma, I developed a close bond with the physician assistant who help me manage my symptoms. The experience made a lasting impression, and I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a physician assistant, too. After earning a Bachelor of Psychology and Child Learning Development at the University of Texas at Dallas, I continued my education at Mississippi College where I earned a Master of Science in Medicine - Physician Assistant.

Pursuing medicine allows me to combine my love for science with my desire to help others. During my clinical rotations, I found I gravitated toward internal medicine. As a PA specializing in internal medicine, I really enjoy the face-to-face interactions I have with the people I care for. It’s gratifying to be able to educate my patients about their health and wellness, and really get to know them over the years.

I never forget that behind every patient name is a human being who has their own hopes, dreams and passions. I believe it’s up to me as a PA to help my patients achieve as much of that as possible.

I was born in Singapore, but raised in Texas. When I’m not caring for patients, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, playing music, singing and painting. Most importantly, I try to spend some time each day being grateful. It’s good for the body and mind, and I recommend it to everyone!